Life is good even with all we must embrace.   Working as an educator, in whatever capacity you have been gifted, is an awesome job!  It’s ever-evolving and requires that we truly work even beyond what we think we have left, personally and professionally.  There are times that I feel like I am running on fumes and wonder how it all gets done.  Ah, but within the question lies the answer.  We often don’t think about how it gets done, we just do what needs to be done.  And so it is with our work with young people.  Our world has many young people who bear much more than we could have ever considered when we were their age.  Yet they carry on, many with a smile on their faces.  The question then becomes how much more difficult it would be without caring adults.  Enter you.


Alia Henton-Williams
Director, 21st Century Programs                                            

When the sky is clear, carry an umbrella; though your stomach is full, carry provisions. 

– Chinese proverb