Our programs at Clyde-Savannah, Lyons and North Rose-Wolcott have completed the school-year cycle and are now preparing for summer programming. 21st Century will serve well over 350 students for six weeks beginning the first week in July. Because we know that students who do not participate in some type of academics over the summer have a strong possibility of losing so much during this time, these programs fill a much-needed gap. Our programs will offer educational and recreational activities including field trips.The after-school program (which will be referred to as Extended Day as of September) at Lyons completed the awesome benches in the garden located outside the middle of our building. Walk by and take a look at their great work. Congratulations to Brianna Williams for her 1st Place victory in the Full Contact Karate Tournament.

Students and their families in Clyde-Savannah ended their year with a Family Cookout on May 29 with 50 people enjoying games and food.

Finally, we wish a fond farewell and many blessings to Wendy Beers, our coordinator at NR-W. Wendy is getting married in just a few short days. She is also leaving her position with us although she will be our coordinator this summer and work with us throughout the school year in other capacities.

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