21st Century Summer Programs were a huge success. Our sites at Clyde-Savannah, North Rose-Wolcott and Lyons served about 500 students! Just think, 500 youth were kept engaged, active and involved in positive programming with essential supports like caring people and resources to help them have a safe and healthy summer. It worked!! The three sites averaged 80 students served per day. We are proud not only of what was offered but of what was accomplished. Tom Kanaley, Wendy Beers and Alicia Linzy deserve to be commended for the great work done.

Now we are ready to begin a new year with excellent new programs full of activities and opportunities for growth and learning. Clyde-Savannah (Tina Fuller/Tom Kanaley) offers program Monday-Thursday, 2:30-4:45, Lyons (Alicia Linzy), Monday-Friday, 2:35-5:30 and North Rose-Wolcott (Jim Fisher), Monday-Friday, 2:15-5:30.

Remember to refer students to the program where they will be safe during the 3 p.m.-6 p.m. time-frame when our students are most likely to engage in negative behaviors like drug and alcohol use, crime and too much television watching. We will help them complete homework, have fun, learn essential life skills, participate in workshops and experience field trips.

Please welcome Jim Fisher as the new Site Coordinator for North Rose-Wolcott! Jim is enthused and brings great insight to the program.

STREAM is back in effect at all three sites as well. Heather Mills, coordinator, is working with school liaisons to recruit students for Big Brother Big Sister who are interested in science-based programming once a week.
Please contact myself or any Site Coordinator with referrals or questions.