What you do to establish an effective classroom management system and create an environment that supports learning will influence what your students accomplish throughout the year.

Everyone knows that learning cannot take place in chaos. We also know that well-managed classrooms don’t just happen. They are the result of teachers’ careful planning before the year begins and their deliberate implementation of the plan on the first day of school and thereafter. Today there is a solid research base that identifies the practices of effective classroom managers at the beginning of the year. Studies have consistently found that the most successful teachers:

  • arrange and organize their classrooms to support instructional goals;
  • establish procedures for conducting routine activities and rules to govern student behavior;
  • teach rules and procedures as they would any new content area; and
  • actively monitor students and consistently apply appropriate consequences

While these findings validate many of the things good teachers do intuitively, the research also offers some new ideas and approaches. This guide summarizes the consistent findings from classroom management research conducted over the past 25 years. It is designed to help you and your students get off to a good start and have a productive school year.

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